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It is our goal to provide the highest quality training experience for the athletes that train in our facility. All training programs are designed to help reduce the chance for injuries in sport, both chronic and acute. Your training program will be geared towards meeting the specific demands of your sport.

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Sports Performance

Improve your performance on the field, court, track, mat, or in the pool. Get faster and more explosive. Gain strength and power, improve footwork to start, stop, and change direction to increase your quickness. Unlock your mobility to move easier and decrease risk of injury in sport. All of this in a positive, motivating environment, under the direct supervision and instruction of our performance coaches.

In Season Training

The importance of training throughout your competitive season can not be overstated. Performance attributes decline without training them consistently. Sessions are modified in season to help with recovery, preparation for competition, as well as maintain or even improve on previous training adaptations.

Team Training

We can provide training for your entire team on a limited basis. Training can be done in our facility or off site. Contact us to discuss options for your team.

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Performance Athletics Training has worked with athletes participating in over 22 sports that have gone on to compete at top universities.

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